LAST MINUTE | Football match-fixing plot: Hidayet Karaca penalty announced

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A ruling has been issued in the trial of 88 defendants alleging that FETÖ has set up a conspiracy in the match-fixing investigation.

Hidayet Karaca was sentenced to 1,406 years in prison for “breach of confidentiality”, “forgery of documents” and “defamation” on the grounds that FETO mounted a conspiracy in the “football rigging” investigation into the Football Match case Fixing, which has been taking place since 2016 by the 23rd Istanbul High Criminal Court. He’s punished.

Former police officer Lokman Yan Whok, who was on trial for allegedly initiating the FETÖ “football match-up” investigation process, was sentenced to 161 years and 8 months in prison.

In the April 13 opinion, the prosecutor demanded that Hidayet Karaca, head of the Samanyolu broadcasting group, one of the defendants, be jailed for up to 2,445 years. Former FETO suspect Nazmi Ardıç, the former police chief, has been sentenced to up to 3,111 years in prison. Police officer Lokman Yanık, who initiated the “football tricks” investigation process, has been sentenced to up to 391 years in jail.

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