LAST MINUTE NEWS: 4 people died in tractor crash in Ankara

last minute “data-mce-href =” “> Latest news! Following the overturn of the tractor with trailer in the Haymana district of Ankara, 3 of them are children 4 people lost their lives, 18 people were injured.

According to the information received, the tractor and trailer under the administration of Hamza T. were overturned at the site of Mangal mountain in the village of Kirazoğlu.

Medical teams, who came to the scene as soon as the news was announced, took the 22 injured to Haymana State Hospital after their first intervention.

It was learned that 4 of the wounded treated had been killed and 3 of them were children aged 1, 9 and 16.

In addition, it was reported that all survivors lived in Bahçecik district.

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