LAST MINUTE NEWS: A new bill from the AK party on the economy

The AKP party presented the bag proposal, which includes changes to the Check Act, to the Speaker of Parliament.

The proposal envisages amendments to 18 laws and 2 statutory decrees. According to the proposal, security guards will receive the difference if their salary falls below the minimum wage. The Ministry of Treasury and Finance is authorized to collect fees in order to determine the financial soundness of participants and to control their entry into the market, when issuing operating licenses or certificates of authorization to companies that will operate in accordance with at exchange conditions. legislation.


In accordance with article 5 added to the Law on Checks, the execution of sentences of persons convicted for the offense of issuing bad checks committed until March 24, 2020 has been suspended. This date is modified to April 30, 2021 and the scope of beneficiaries of the regulation is widened.

The deadline for payment of the tenth of the unpaid part of the check is extended until June 30, 2022.

According to the proposal, those who have received training under the protocol arranged between the Ministries of Health and National Education between 31.21.2011 and 23.11.2015 to assist in the work and operations of prosthetists and dental prosthetists may work as auxiliary staff.

It is expected that citizens whose buildings were damaged during earthquakes in 2020 will also be extended to disaster victims in order to avoid the loss of rights by eliminating grievances in the works and transactions to be done with the obligations of the State to open housing loans and build buildings.

The president and members of the Competition Council and the Authority, as well as certain members of the institution’s staff, are prohibited from working in legal persons operating in the sector which are the subject of the investigations they have. carried out in the two years preceding their resignation. . In addition, it is expected that customs enforcement personnel will be rewarded within the framework of customs services.

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