LAST MINUTE NEWS: Ali Koç is candidate for Fenerbahçe again

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The president of Fenerbahce, Ali KoçAnnounced that he would again be a candidate for the elective general assembly to be held on June 12 and 13.

The statements of the president of Fenerbahçe, Ali Koç, are as follows:

I kept saying “I’m happy to come from Fenerbahce” in good and bad days. I teach the same things to my children. We have been going through an extraordinary period since last March. We have had an extremely difficult process. The revenues of our struggling clubs have been seriously affected during this process. We were fan-deprived for 1.5 seasons. For this reason, football has suffered the most from the pandemic. The combos, the lodges, the sales of match tickets have all but disappeared. As Fenerbahçe, I thank many owners of lodges. I respectfully bow to them. You bought it, you couldn’t use it. However, we were deprived of the revenues of the gallery.

Currency movements made our job even more difficult. There were athletes, technical teams and a group of people working to keep sports activities going uninterrupted. Everyone related to football worked regularly. They risked their own health. I think it was a dedication to appreciate. It would be unfair to rate football players solely on the basis of the trophies they have received in the past 1.5 years. First of all, I would like to thank our athletes, our technical delegation and the employees for the continuation of all sports activities in Turkey.

In the coming days we will have an environment in which we will evaluate all the sports branches and the 3 years that we are in management. We couldn’t get the success we wanted in football. As a result, successes in other branches of sport are ignored.


We are extremely sorry to have lost the championship compared to the 2 previous years and so we lost. We were deeply hurt. After the Başakşehir match, I said “6 wins and 1 draw will make us the champion”. Our opponent also had to lose points to become champion. If we had achieved our goal, we would be the champion. Although we got closer, we could not take advantage of this opportunity that was offered to us. It has been a fruitless year since we missed the championship. I can already say that we are one of the most ambitious teams in the league. If we correct some of our shortcomings, we will be a team that brings the championship that the community has been waiting for next season. With the additions we will make with a few touches, this will be the most assertive team in the league next season. We have 70% ready staff. We will start to work with confidence.

There are other factors in our country. When you look only at the season, the factors that determine where you stand in the league, the understanding of the leadership of the Federation and the decisions it makes also affect football. TFF has shared with you my thoughts on the people who have led it through the season and in the past. It is not a different situation. It has been said that the lamb has come and that the Champions League will be played here, what has been done is obvious. Some things will change. Lack of merit. Decisions of the arbitrators. Perceptions made at the start of the season. Of course, I’m not talking about perceptions of social media. Ignore the manipulations made by the referees. The interpreter inexorably. TFF does not investigate criminal charges. Go directly to the prosecution without supervision for the implications of some football players. It is not a good team, it goes to the result which establishes good relations.

One of them is said to be a supporter of Fenerbahçe. The perceptions he emits are obvious. In making these criticisms since our arrival, he has acted with all clubs in mind, not just victory. Although this effort was accepted by many stakeholders, it was not well accepted. There is no such thing as good thinking in our football. Any road to success seems allowed.

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It’s time for us to show a different attitude. If you can’t change the world, you will change your own world. Next season we will behave differently against those who are honest, sincere, those who manipulate, those who criticize without mentioning the name of Fenerbahçe. There will be no Fenerbahçe who simply says no to irregularities. We don’t have a face like the others, we have a face. We are no different in isolation. We don’t play in the stands. Fenerbahçe will now play the game according to his rules.


These three years passed quickly. I said while I was nominated; I said I needed 2 semesters. Our first term was not good. I would like to announce that I am running for the presidency for the second term. Who knows, I came to give, not to buy, in Fenerbahçe. Our awareness is clear that we are doing our best in this direction. I will not stay here forever. We have painfully experienced what happens when we stay too long.

We had difficulties on certain subjects in the first half. Every once in a while we couldn’t carry out some of our plans. From time to time, we acted on the conditions. While I and my friends who will continue with me have been selected, we have taken the necessary lessons in this process. You will see this. Our second term will be very different.

From time to time we have received constructive and sometimes unfair criticism. Our commentators were criticized on our own channel on Fenerbahçe TV. The builder, made with good intentions and sincerity, respects all kinds of criticism from those who want the good of Fenerbahçe, we took advantage of it. In order to intimidate us, those with a secret agenda are more intense in our country than in other communities. The main characteristic of this type of person is that they don’t show up when things are going well. Their voices do not breathe. However, in the first stumble, they display the negative trajectory. Some even subcontract some. Their goal is neither the love of Fenerbahçe nor your success. I prayed when I was a candidate, I want Fenerbahçe to be the champion, but I also withdrew my candidacy. No matter what conditions you are from Fenerbahçe you always want this club to be successful.


I launch an open appeal to these friends or subcontractors: abandon social networks, manipulate. If you really want to contribute to Fenerbahçe, the way to do it is through the ballot box. One of our former directors spoke. He is a manager who also needs to speak to stay on the agenda. No sir, we brought a man from Belgium. The man they brought is Spanish. He couldn’t find a job after Fenerbahçe. These people lie very comfortably. The old management didn’t even show the courtesy to hand over when we got to the club. They didn’t say such a thing, it’s like that on any subject. Only Mithat Yedigün came. The hands were shaking. We went to the infrastructure. Those who ran there said nothing. He appeared in the selection process. There will be many like these. We will also show you how these people handle. Here is the opportunity, come on, the chest is there. If you want to make a new contribution to Fenerbahçe, be a candidate. Describe how you will handle finances, football, basketball, and other industries. Go out, have a good competition. Don’t talk behind the scenes. Come out, speak frankly. I will also have things to say. I hope that the General Assembly bodes well for Fenerbahçe.

If we are elected, we will build new ones on the truths we did for Fenerbahçe and learn from yesterday, we will look into this plan and continue our way for a strong Fenerbahçe without telling me. This community deserves success and happiness.

At the end of my words, I want to use Mevlana’s word: “You say it’s difficult, it will be difficult, it will be a test. We have entered the test too much. We are ready to do all kinds of wrestling. for Fenerbahçe. Hopefully we will be elected. If we are elected, we will have the opposite of all the suffering that we have done.


Ali Koç said: “I will explain when the time comes. We do not have a life indexed to you. We will explain it to you when it is ready. We will try to answer as much as possible to all the questions you ask”, did he declare .

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