LAST MINUTE NEWS: Bus left the road in Balıkesir and overturned: 15 people lost their lives

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The passenger bus belonging to Efe Tur, which makes the Zongudak-İzmir expedition from Balıkesir OSB Ring Road to Edremit district, got out of control and overturned.

11 people died at the scene of the accident. 4 wounded, who were transported to hospital by the 112 emergency teams that came to the region, could not be saved despite the interventions.

17 injured were taken to 5 different hospitals in the city by 112 emergency service teams.

The accident investigation is continuing.


After the accident, Governor Hasan Şıldak, who carried out investigations in the area, also visited the injured who were taken to 5 hospitals in the city.

Şıldak received information on the condition of the injured from the provincial director of health Serkan Kadir Keskin and took care of the relatives of the patients.

Governor Şıldak, in his statement, said that all measures were taken for the treatment of the injured, to meet their needs with their families and for the procedures of those who lost their lives.

Stating that the bus is on the Zonguldak-İzmir route, Şıldak said, “There are some of the injured people who are in good general condition and were poorly operated on. There is no clear information on the cause of the crash, but there is a turn in the area. There may be a bend in the area. Investigations are continuing. My hand is for those who died in the accident. I wish God’s mercy, my condolences to their loved ones and a speedy recovery to the injured. “

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