LAST MINUTE NEWS: Complementary circular from the Ministry of the Interior on “Measures of access to stadiums”

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In the circular, the measures of the corona virus to be applied in competitions Turkish Football Federation It was noted that it was reported by

However, in recent days, the Turkish Football Federation “To apply in competitions” Corona virus Although it is clearly stated in the “Instructions on Precautions” that people who have not completed the immunization schedule or who have not had the disease are not allowed to enter the stadium, it has been indicated that in some competitions, supporters who do not meet this requirement try to enter the stadium, and in case of impediment, law enforcement officers, private security personnel and supporters are tempted to ‘to be brought against each other.

The measures to be taken to prevent this situation and protect the health of the supporters who will be in the stadium are listed as follows:

People who have not completed the immunization schedule or who have not had the diseaseAll precautions will be taken by the Turkish Football Federation and club administrations to ensure that the rule of not being allowed to enter the stadium is fully applied.

To this end, the necessary information will be given to supporters and supporters’ associations, and it will be announced that any contrary behavior will result in sanctions for individuals and clubs.

Subject’s province / city sports safety meetingsThe necessary coordination will be ensured.

People who do not meet the necessary conditions will not be allowed to enter the stadiums. To this end, law enforcement officers will be assigned in addition to private security officers in areas equipped with entry turnstiles.

To be applied in competitions Covid 19 measuresWith regard to supporters or club managers who commit acts contrary to the Instruction relating to Law No. 1593 and the relevant provisions of Law No. 6222 on the prevention of violence and irregularity in sport, the necessary sanctions will be applied decisively.

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