LAST MINUTE NEWS: Devlet Bahçeli’s ‘Fatih’ reaction to Akşener

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MHP chairman Devlet Bahceli reacted to IYI party leader Meral Akşener’s comparison between Ekrem İmamoğlu and Fatih Sultan Mehmet.

Bahçeli, who shared a post on his Twitter account, said:

“Those who have accessed the secret of the national relics handed down from generation to generation are high figures who have turned their backs on lies, slander and betrayal. Those who try to make our conquest and our conqueror ordinary for the sake of it. of political interest are rascals who dilute the memories of our ancestors.

Those who disguise themselves to keep their rotten Byzantine and Crusader ambitions alive are a handful of carefree, ignorant people who try to silence Ötüken’s spirit and suppress Söğüt’s call. No matter what slanderous and hypocritical tongues say, no trace of the glory of the Conqueror can be found on righteous bodies. “

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