LAST MINUTE NEWS: Ferhan Şensoy has passed away

The master artist in the statement made by the middle players on Twitter Ferhan SensoyWe are deeply saddened by the loss of our teacher, Ferhan Şensoy, the founder of our theater, in the hospital where he was treated for some time, despite all the interventions made. Condolences to all his fans …

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ferhan Şensoy, February 26, 1951, Wednesday, Samsun, Turkish actor in theater, cinema and television; writer of novels, essays, diaries, plays, television series and film scripts; Ortaoyuncular theater troupe ‘is the founder of

Born in 1951 in the Çarşamba district of Samsun, Ferhan Şensoy’s mother, Müjgan ensoy, was a schoolteacher and her father Yusuf Cemil Şensoy was a trader and mayor of Çarşamba at the time.

Şensoy’s first stories and poems were published in Yeni Ufuklar and Abstract magazines in 1969, and his sketches are also Devekuşu Kabare ‘ensoy, who also studied at Galatasaray High School for a while, graduated from Çarşamba High School in 1970. Having his first professional acting experience in the group actor group in 1971, Şensoy continued his education and training in theater in France and Canada between 1972 -1975. While continuing his work with names such as Jérôme Savary and André-Louis Perinetti, he received the award for best foreign writer in 1975 for his play Ce Fou De Gogol à Montréal. He also played at the Théâtre De Quatre – Sous in Montreal and in the musical Harem Qui Rit, which he directed. He returned to Turkey the same year.


After returning to Turkey, Şensoy performed in 1976 at the Ali Poyrazoğlu Theater and acted as an actor and director at the Turkish Writers’ Theater in the play “Stop Talk, Shut Up Don’t Tell”, which he also wrote. Şensoy, who began writing his first television skits in the same year, first appeared on television as a waiter in one of these sketches in which he performed with Ali Poyrazoğlu. Cabaret Theater.


After the publication of his first book, Kazancı Yokuşu, in 1978, Şensoy directed his first film with director Temel Gürsu, Qui ne pas ta fille, he played and directed the play Avantadan Lavanta.


Also in 1978, the television series BizimClass, which he wrote, was banned on TRT after the second episode on the grounds that it defamed the spiritual personality of teachers. Later, Bizim Class will be presented at the Ali Poyrazoğlu Theater. The TV series Evdekiler and Giyim Kusam Dünyası, in which he participated as an actor, was also canceled. Şensoy, who left Anyamanya Kumpanya that year, later moved to the Ayfer Feray Theater and continued to perform there. He participated in the play Hayrola Bedstead, which he directed and composed. Şensoy, who staged a cabaret show called Gossip Show, which he wrote, at Stardust Night Club, with Adile Naşit, Perran Kutman, Pakize Suda, Sevda Karaca and Istanbul Gelişim Orchestra, in the same club as the Puppet Show, written by Arda Uskan and composed by Fuat Güner and Puppet Cabaret shows.


Şensoy, who took over the Ortaoyuncular Kavuğu from Münir Özkul in 1989 to Kel Hasan Efendi, repaired the historic Ses Operetta and opened it as Ses 1885. After the stage repair, Ortaoyuncular moved from Küçük Sahne at Ses 1885, where they played Abstract Sultan. The same year, she played with Sezen Aksu in the film Büyük Solitude, directed by Yavuz Özkan.


In 1990, he directed Tired Matador, which he wrote based on the life and work of Pierre Henri Cami. His work I’m Selling u is translated into English by Tomris Uyar. That same year, Şensoy, who rewrote Bye Bye Godot and the TV series “Assume Ismail” for Show TV, again won the Peak award from Nokta magazine with his published book Kahraman Grocery Supermarket. In 1992, she performed in Kohne’s Byzantine Opera, for which the book I Love You Without Knowing English was published, written and directed by Fikret Kızılok. While Ferhangi Şeyler was on display in Sydney and Melbourne, the Bye-bye Godot exhibitions continued.


In 1993, Şensoy, who directed the rewritten play Living Without Money, Dear and composed the music with Alper Maral, rewrote the play Şu Gogol Delisi in Turkish. The play, which won the Avni Dilligil Award for Most Original Play, won Derya Baykal the Avni Dilligil Award for Best Actress and Avni Dilligil the Award for Best Dress at Canan Göknil. The play “Hero Grocery Supermarket Against” was performed by a Turkish amateur theater. ensoy, who received the Golden Lens Award with the ongoing performances of Ferhangi Şeyler, hosted a competitive show called Lose-Win on ATV during this time.


Where is this ship going? (creation: February 10, 2017)
Fairy Tale Inspector (First: February 22, 2013 -…)
Nasri Hodja and his opposition donkey (Premier: March 15, 2012 -…)
The unemployed go to paradise (Premier 2010 – …)
The Man Who Gets a Tramway Out of His Soul (2010-2011) Karl Valentin, Ferhan Şensoy
2019 – Non-Science, Fictional Comedy 2009-2010) (premiere: Saturday January 24, 2009, 8:00 p.m.)
Bosswalker and his companion (2008-2009)
Last Name 2007-2009
Bad Boy 2007 – Ali Çatalbaş
The last stop of our love 2006
Loan Game 2005
Long Panties Quixote March 31, 2004-2005
Am I driving myself crazy? October 24, 2003
Someone is watching us 2002-2003

Hero Osman 2002-2003
Uprooted Zikkım Zulada November 29, 2001-2002
For sale by owner 1st hand Ortaoyunu February 9, 2001-2002
Fişne Pahçesu 2000-2002
I’m in the kitchen now March 12, 1999-2000
Living without money is expensive January 14, 1999-2000
Very strange investigation March 13, 1998-2000
Haldun Taner Cabaret 1997-1998 – Haldun Taner
Good for Fools TV Series 1996 – Anca Visdei, Ferhan Şensoy
When Felek was silent one day 1995
Three-title opera 1995-1996
This madman of Gogol 1994-1996
Kırkambar Night Theater 1994
1994-1995 attendance book
Old Byzantine opera 1993
It’s expensive to live without money 1993
Goodbye Godot 1992-1993
The Ship of Our Love Hazelnut Shell 1991 – Cihan Öksüz

Tired Matador 1990-1991 – Pierre-Henry Cami
Hero’s grocery store versus supermarket 1990-1991
Summary Sultan 1989-1990
Don Juan and Madonna 1988-1989 Anca Visdei
Ferhangi Şeyler 1987 -… (in progress)
Keşanlı Ali Epic 1986 – Haldun Taner, Director: Ferhan Şensoy (Istanbul City Theaters)
Song of the passage of a tram 1986 – Karl Valentin, Ferhan Şensoy
Kinky Musical 1986
Wasps 1986 – Aristophanes
Hayrola bed 1985-1986
Baker Şükrü, Deli Vahap, Nuri and others 1983
Rental game 1983
Eski Moda Komedya 1983 – Aleksiev Arbuzov
The 7 Sins of Anna 1983-1984 – Bertolt Brecht
The greatest Romulus no other great 1982 – Friedrich Dürrenmatt, Ferhan Şensoy
Heroes vs. Honor Grocery Supermarket 1981-1983
I sell Istanbul 1980-1985
They also hit the horns 1980-1985
Gossip Show 1979 (cabaret show)


Dissident President- (2013)
Last lesson: Love and University – Saffet Ercan Hodja (2008)
Sorry – İbrahim (2004) (screenplay by Sensoy)
When Luck Breaks the Door – Presidente Carlos and Kuddusi Yurdum (2004)
Great Loneliness (1989)
A Connoisseur (1986)
It’s expensive to live without money (1986)
Corner turner – Corner turner (1985)
Whoever doesn’t beat his daughter beats his knee (1977)
Love Isn’t What You Say (1976)

KurşuNkalem rebel, Ortaoyuncular Publications, 2012
Selected deviant things, Ortaoyuncular Publications, 2010
Never mind Me with Karagöz, novel, (December 2008), Ortaoyuncular Publications.
Farewell SSK, novel, (December 2005), Ortaoyuncular Publications. ISBN 975-7904-11-2
Haci Communiste, journal, (February 2005), Ortaoyuncular Publications. ISBN 975-7904-10-4
Donkey idea
Memet rum
I equipped the handle of my pen with a rose
Renaissance in Falıniz Var
Hotels Book
I love you all without knowing English
Goodbye Godot
Hero’s grocery store vs supermarket
Mirror Staircase, Ortaoyuncular Publications, Ist, 1986.
Kazanci Hill (1978).
on today’s agenda
Afitap Istanbul’s husband
They also shoot the horns
Featured Slingshot
Haldun Taner Cabaret
Cateddin Resistance

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