LAST MINUTE NEWS Foreign Affairs Sources: The OIC Representatives Committee met in Jeddah at the initiative of Turkey.

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Foreign affairs sources reported that the OIC Representatives Committee met in Jeddah at the initiative of Turkey.

The Israeli aggression was condemned at the meeting of the Committee of Representatives of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.

Palestinians have been called for international protection, while Israel has been called to be held accountable for its crimes.

The Security Council and the organs of the United Nations have been invited to take office.

‘The brutality committed by Israel is the war crime that requires a trial’

On the last day, the Organization for Islamic Cooperation (OIC) declared Israel’s atrocities in Jerusalem a war crime that requires prosecution.

In a written statement by the OIC-affiliated Independent Permanent Commission on Human Rights, the use of force and brutality during Ramadan against Palestinians praying in the al-Aqsa Mosque in occupied East Jerusalem was condemned.

Stressing that this is a serious violation of religious freedoms, the statement said: “Israel’s increased brutality against the Palestinian people during the evacuation of Palestinians from their homes in East Jerusalem is a war crime which requires the prosecution of all those responsible. ” expressions were used.

“East Jerusalem is an integral part of the occupied Palestinian territories, and Israel cannot seize any part of it by coercive measures,” the statement said. statements have been included.

The United Nations Security Council and the international community have also been called upon “to put pressure on Israel to renounce its inhuman abuses and take concrete steps to resolve this conflict in a comprehensive and equitable manner.”

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