LAST MINUTE NEWS: Generals accused of February 28 have been removed from their ranks

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The General Staff Presidency informed the court that administrative action had been taken regarding the demolition of 13 retired generals convicted in the February 28 trial.

The 5th Ankara High Criminal Court sent a letter to the Chief of General Staff on August 19 for the removal of 14 retired generals from their ranks in accordance with the relevant articles of Military Criminal Code no.

According to the information obtained, the general staff also gave instructions to the force commands to which the retired generals were attached to carry out the necessary work in accordance with the court decision.

After the studies, the Presidency of the General Staff of the Personnel removed the accused from the Turkish Armed Forces in accordance with Article 30 of the Military Penal Code No. 1632 and Article 50 of the Law on the Personnel of the Forces Turkish Armies (TSK) No. 926.

As a result, retired generals Çevik Bir, Çetin Doğan, Fevzi Türkeri, Ahmet Çörekçi, İlhan Kılıç, retired lieutenant-generals Çetin Saner, Yıldırım Türker, Vural Avar, retired vice-admiral Aydan Erol, retired major general Erol Övatizyn retired brigadier general İdris Koralp has been demoted.

The Presidency of the General Staff forwarded the article concerning the chief of operations of the general command of the gendarmerie, Lieutenant-General Hakkı Kılınç, who was among the names to be demoted, to the Ministry of the Interior.

In the September 9 letter sent by the Staff Presidency to the 5th High Criminal Court in Ankara, it was stated that the administrative action regarding the abolition of ranks had been taken on the basis of the conviction decision of the accused.

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