LAST MINUTE NEWS: Internal Affairs Circular regarding work permit obligation documents

last minute “data-mce-href =” “> Latest news! Employees and workplaces under the exemption during the period of” closure complete “in the context of the fight against Covid-19 The period of validity of the manual” Work Permit Duty Document “, which was issued with the signature of the official, has been extended until Friday, May 7 at midnight.

The Interior Ministry sent a circular to the governorates on “documents relating to work permits”.

In the circular, it was reminded that the main priority during the full closure process, as in previous blackout periods, is that there is no disruption in the production, manufacturing, supply chains. and logistics; therefore, curfews are imposed on employees in these sectors.

It was noted that it was decided to obtain a work permit via the e-Application system in order to maintain the continuity of production of the employees of the trades in the scope of the exemption and to avoid the abuse of the exemptions. , as well as the procedures and principles regarding the new “Work Permit Fee Document Form” has been determined.


In the circular, which indicated that the applications of people working in the exempted sectors of activity were evaluated, it was indicated that 2 million 677 thousand applications had been concluded by carrying out the necessary surveys until 5 p.m. today via the e-Application system of the ministry. internal affairs on the e-government platform and a work permit obligation document has been issued to the persons concerned.


In areas such as “owners of workplaces, self-employed workers acting in their own name and on their own account and employees in the banking sector who are not registered with the social security system because they are subject to their private funds “, who cannot obtain a work permit through the system while they are currently in the area of ​​exemption, the Department of Revenue Administration and It has been declared that it will be completed today ‘ hui by the relevant institutions and organizations, in particular the Association of Banks of Turkey.

In the circular it was stated that the period of validity of the “Work permit form of work document”, which will be filled in manually with the declaration and commitment of the employer and employee, and prepared with the signature of the employee and of the official workplace / company, has been extended until Friday, May 7, 2021, 24:00.

It has been stated that the issuance of a work permit service certificate is an application that can be used in the event that a service document cannot be obtained on time due to problems that may arise during use. electronic application system, systemic intensity, and access error.


In audits to be carried out by law enforcement officers, the work permit service documents obtained through the electronic application system will be subject to routine check, and the manually issued work permit service documents will do so. subject to a separate inspection of the information systems used. by law enforcement officers, and if it is determined that the work permit obligation document is abused during these checks It was stressed that the necessary administrative and judicial measures will be taken.

In the circular, which drew attention to the importance of not abusing the exemptions when fighting the epidemic in terms of not increasing the social burden that must be borne because of the epidemic, it was noted that all the staff working in the audit teams, in particular health professionals and law enforcement officers, worked with great dedication.

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