LAST MINUTE NEWS: May inflation figures are released

Inflation rose 0.89% in May to 16.59% on an annual basis.

In CPI (2003 = 100) in May 2021, 0.89% compared to the previous month, 6.39% compared to December of the previous year, 16.59% compared to the same month of the previous year and 14% based on twelve month averages There was an increase of 0.13.

According to the monthly CPI, 8 major groups showed smaller changes and 4 major groups showed larger changes.

The group with the largest monthly decline was entertainment and culture at 1.32%. In terms of major spending groups, the other major group that declined in May 2021 was alcoholic beverages and tobacco with 0.01%. The other main groups that increased the least were food and non-alcoholic beverages at 0.29% and health at 0.30%. On the other hand, the groups with the largest increase in May 2021 were transportation with 2.56%, clothing and footwear with 1.76%, and miscellaneous goods and services with 1.62%, respectively.

In May 2021, out of 415 items included in the index, the average price of 97 items decreased, while the average price of 59 items remained unchanged. The average price of 259 items has increased.

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