LAST MINUTE NEWS … Minister Akar: Mehmetçik successfully fulfilled his duty in Afghanistan

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A ceremony is organized in Ankara for the Turkish soldiers evacuated from Kabul.

Minister of National Defense Hulusi Akar delivered a speech during the ceremony.

The highlights of Akar’s speech are as follows:

“Turkey is closely monitoring all risks and developments. Mehmetçik successfully fulfilled his duty in Afghanistan. 20,000 of our comrades in arms served during his service in the Turkish armed forces. Mehmetçik also successfully performed his duties in Afghanistan and won the hearts of the Afghans. He is praised by everyone in NATO and internationally.

In the process that developed faster than expected, the evacuation process began with the instructions of our president. An airlift was established between Kabul and Islamabad with our 8 planes that we had previously deployed to Tajikistan and Pakistan.

Staff and citizens were evacuated in less than 48 hours. The evacuation, which went smoothly despite the tension, demonstrated the strength of the TAF.

I strongly condemn the heinous terrorist attack that took place the day before. We want everyone to know that we are ready to support the operation of the airport. “

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