LAST MINUTE NEWS … Minister Akar: We have taken all precautions for Mehmetçik

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Turkish citizens in Afghanistan are evacuated after the Taliban seizes power.

A statement came from Minister of National Defense Hulusi Akar regarding the developments in the country. Stating that the situation is calm at the moment, Akar said: “We continue to monitor the event closely, sensitively and with great care, as the situation may change at any time.”

Stating that they prioritize the safety of Mehmetçi working at Kabul airport, Akar said, “We have taken all kinds of measures against the safety of Mehmetçik, and we continue to take them.

Akar said: It is out of the question for us to endanger Mehmetçi’s life in any way, it cannot be. In case of different developments, we are ready to implement our necessary plans.

Stating that 62 flights have been carried out in the past 2 days, Akar said: “The evacuation of some of our Turkish citizens has already started. We use our planes affiliated with our air force command for this. These evacuations will continue.

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