LAST MINUTE NEWS: Minister Akar’s Kabul Airport Statement

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After the decision of the United States and NATO to withdraw, the future of Afghanistan is a matter of curiosity.

Turkey will host a delegation from the United States tomorrow. During the meetings to be held, activities aimed at maintaining Kabul Hamid Karzai International Airport in Afghanistan will be discussed.

Hulusi Akar, Minister of National Defense, made a statement in this regard. Contribute to the safety and well-being of our brothers, ”Akar said, recalling that there were Turkish soldiers in the area.

Akar said, “We are continuing our contacts on whether or not we should continue our presence there. Anyway, we are unable to send soldiers at the moment.


Noting that contacts with other countries on the subject are continuing, Akar said: “We are together on a quest. When these studies are completed in the coming period, the necessary steps will be taken and it will become a plan.


Noting that Turkey and Afghanistan have a historical and cultural relationship founded on centuries, the Minister of National Defense said: “We have done our best with other countries over the past 20 years for the comfort, the peace and security of our brothers there. We have done our best to operate the Kabul airport especially over the past 6 years. We have shown it, ”he said.

Stressing that the airport in question is a very important point in the daily life of Afghanistan, commercially and socially, Akar said: “The fact that this point works will be in favor of our Afghan brothers. We are currently in contact with various countries like the country that operates there.

Akar stressed that the meeting with the American delegation will be held in this context.


Minister Akar also referred to the bill regarding the conversion of MKE into a joint stock company. Stating that the institution has a very important place in the defense industry, Akar said:

“As the experts and those who know this profession have pointed out, it is not possible to make the necessary developments and progress with its current structure and its heavy structure. What we are trying to do here is that MKE gains a modern structure, gets rid of this cumbersome structure, develops its competitive power and delivers to our country an efficient and flexible structure to serve. ”


Akar also said there would be no privatization and the personal rights of employees would be protected.


There was also Russian-British tension in the Black Sea on the minister’s agenda. Russia announced that it was carrying out “warning shots” against a British Navy destroyer near Crimea. Britain has denied that Russia fired warning shots at it.

Expressing that there are differences in the statements of the two sides, Akar said: “What is the truth about this matter, friends are continuing their work on this matter. It will become clear in the hours to come. We are following it.”

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