LAST MINUTE NEWS | Minister Koca entered history for the first time: when will the obligation to wear masks be lifted?

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Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca, cabinet meeting Then he answered questions.

Minister Koca marked the summer months by saying: “We expect rapid relief”.

Health Minister, removal of the obligation to wear masks given the date for the first time.

Minister Koca said: “We want to return to normal life in September, those who are vaccinated after social immunity cannot wear a mask. If there is no disruption in the vaccination schedule, community immunity will be caught in the summer and Turkey will return to normal life in the fall, ” he said.

Stating that social immunity can be formed by vaccinating at least 60 percent of society, Minister Koca said: “It is important to establish collective immunity. We also want to do the vaccination intensively, especially in June, July, August and September. Then those who have been vaccinated may not be required to wear a mask, ”he said.


12 million doses of BioNTech by the end of next week
Stating that the vaccine will be in Turkey, Minister Koca said the national vaccine is expected to be implemented in September. Stating that the vaccination rate has increased, Koca said that if the schedule works, the vaccination will go down until the age of 20 at the end of June.


Husband, ”By providing the vaccination, we aim to return to normal life after September, including in schools, universities and colleges, ” he said.

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