LAST MINUTE NEWS: New statement from Minister of National Education Özer on face-to-face education

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Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer met with the directors of the ministry after the public announcement of the decision on face-to-face education. The heads of unit concerned and 81 provincial directors of national education attended the meeting.

Minister Özer recalled that full-time face-to-face education will start on September 6 and that an integration training will be held for preschool and primary school students from September 1 to 3, and received information on the latest studies in all provinces one by one.


Özer said that if there are classrooms, canteens, cafeterias, all kinds of closed areas in the hostel will be disinfected every day and hygiene will be ensured.

“We will never compromise on the rules of mask, distance and hygiene so that face-to-face teaching in schools is not disrupted again. Our students, teachers and other education workers; They will come to school with masks.


If our students and staff need a mask inside the school, our school administrations will provide free masks. The entry and exit of persons other than the staff of the establishment and the students will be limited by the school administrators.

Özer said that the newly created electronic tracking system within the ministry has also been activated and in this way all processes at the provincial, district, facility and school level are instantly monitored. .

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