LAST MINUTE NEWS: President Erdoğan speaks

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President Erdoğan, North Marmara Highway He made statements during the opening ceremony of the Habipler-Hasdal crossroads.

Highlights of President Erdoğan’s speech:

“We have completed all parts of the North Marmara Highway. We will surround our Marmara region, which is one of the most active places in Turkey in terms of population density, production and trade capacity and tourism potential, all around with a highway. This section, which has a total investment cost of 1.7 billion dollars with the sections that we have opened, will also be the connection of the large 3-story Istanbul tunnel, which is planned to be built in the future. During the epidemic period, we did not interrupt our projects, we put them at the service of our nation.

While most countries are only trying to keep the financial sector alive, we haven’t left any of our people alone with programs that directly support our tens of millions of people.

The northern Marmara highway will bring about 2.6 billion lire, of which 1,650 million lire from time to time and 830 million lire of fuel oil, and 351 thousand tonnes of reduced carbon emissions.


Channel Istanbul, which we will soon begin to update by laying the foundations of the first bridge, will hopefully take its place on our country’s honor roll as a work that has marked history.

Slowly emerges in silhouette 1915 Canakkale Bridge already fascinates all who see it.


We will shortly be presenting the fourth of our judicial reform programs at the discretion of our Assembly.

Despite the economic attacks that started with the events of Gezi and became an obvious threat in August 2018, and efforts to prevent investment and growth, we have not compromised our work and service policy. They constantly tripped us up to block the way for the New Turkey, if there is anything you are producing, talk about it.

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