LAST MINUTE NEWS: President Erdogan: We Condemn the Provocative Attack on Izmir in the Strongest Way

last minute “data-mce-href =” “> Breaking news! Highlights from President Erdogan’s statements;

“There is not the slightest regression in government investments in Antalya, but the situation in local government is not encouraging. Water prices are average … This is the case in Antalya, Istanbul and Ankara.

Our main objective in tourism is to regain as soon as possible the number of 52 million tourists in 2019 and then to walk towards the figure of 70 million.

We are a case. The members of this case cannot speak against each other. Let those who leave go.

We must explain that none of the opposition parties have the vision to set an example for labor and service policy.

I call on our brothers from the IYI Party: As the People’s Alliance, we are the voice of the nation on this path.

We condemn the provocative attack on Izmir in the strongest terms. All the author’s connections will be revealed and he will receive the heaviest punishment. “

Last minute development details are coming soon to …

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