LAST MINUTE NEWS: Reaction of the Foreign Ministry to Austrian Chancellor Kurz

last minute “data-mce-href =” “> Breaking news The Foreign Ministry reacted to the statements of Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz.

In a statement made by the ministry, “We were astonished by the statements of Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz in an interview with a newspaper, who named Turkey as the” fittest place “for Afghan refugees. first, Turkey, as Chancellor Kurz said, is a neighbor of Afghanistan, it is not a country.

Instead of emphasizing joint efforts and cooperation to solve the problem of irregular migration, which affects the whole world and is a problem common to all, the attitude that “migrants should not come here, to go elsewhere ”is both selfish and unnecessary. Turkey will not suffer the consequences of a mass migration crisis originating in the region and will not undertake a new wave of migration. We convey this position to our interlocutors at every opportunity and at all levels, stressing that Turkey will not be a border guard or a refugee camp of the European Union.

Like other EU countries, Austria is a party to the 1951 United Nations Convention relating to the Status of Refugees. Austria must provide international protection to Afghan asylum seekers in accordance with its international obligations and EU rules. Turkey will in no case take over the international obligations of third countries.

It would be more advantageous for European countries, concerned about the mass migration crisis, to have direct talks with Afghanistan and neighboring countries, to deal with irregular migration and human trafficking, and to reflect on the integration of regular migrants into their communities, instead of looking for a solution in Turkey.


Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said: “If people have to flee, I definitely consider neighboring countries like Turkey or the safe areas of Afghanistan to be the right place, rather than everyone coming to Austria, Germany or in Sweden.”

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