LAST MINUTE NEWS: Request for arrest in attack on academician in Nişantaşı

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The suspect, who allegedly assaulted an academic in Nişantaşı, Istanbul, has been taken to court for his arrest.

The Istanbul Attorney General’s office said a press release was needed in order to properly inform the public about a case of violence against women in Istanbul, in the press and in social media posts.

In the statement, the public prosecutor’s office said that an investigation had been opened for “deliberate injury” following the incident between Eray Ç, Neşe Nur Akkaya and YF on June 6, 2021, and the following was noted:

“A judicial review decision has been issued against the suspect Eray Ç. by the 8th Istanbul Criminal Peace Court. In accordance with the statements of Neşe Nur Akkaya and YF, taken by our prosecution on June 9, the investigation against Eray Ç., “Open incitement to hatred and hostility or insult to the population. “And” intentional injuries with an object considered to be a weapon “. Following his testimony today, Eray Ç. the charges of “open incitement of the people to hatred, hostility and humiliation” and “willful injury with a firearm” carried out meticulously. “

ITU research assistant Neşe Nur Akkaya was attacked by Eray Çakın while she was enjoying cats in the park.

Allegedly; Çakın, who hit Akkaya with a thermos in his hand, said: “Don’t hurt the cats. What are you doing here? We don’t want people like you. If you want to sit in the park, go. at Gaziosmanpaşa. “

The aggressor, taken into custody, was released after judicial review, and Akkaya, who received a statement of assault, lodged a complaint against the aggressor.

Famous artists like Ezgi Mola have also reacted to the attack on social media.

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