LAST MINUTE NEWS: Second closing action filed against HDP

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The prosecution of the Supreme Court of Appeal filed a complaint against the Constitutional Court (AYM) for the second time, demanding the closure of the HDP.

In the 850-page indictment sent to the Supreme Court, there is a request for a political ban of about 500 party members. It was also requested that a measure be placed in the party’s bank account.


Bekir Şahin, Attorney General at the Supreme Court of Appeal, made a statement in this regard. “The actions of the People’s Democratic Party have been deemed contrary to the independence of the state, its indivisible integrity with its country and nation, and human rights,” Ahin said.

The Attorney General also said: “The HDP has committed crimes of this nature through almost all of its organs, members and organizations, and has provoked and encouraged their commission.


The Constitutional Court returned the indictment, which it deemed incomplete, to the general prosecutor’s office at the Court of Cassation in the context of the lawsuit filed for the closure of the HDP.

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