LAST MINUTE NEWS: Statement on the threshold of elections by the leader of MHP Bahçeli

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MHP leader Devlet Bahçeli made statements on the electoral threshold.

The MHP leader said: “The gossip wheel built on the 7% electoral threshold will crush those who built this wheel,” said the MHP leader, “There is no legitimate and political justification for maintaining the electoral threshold of 10%.

“The charges against the MHP will stick to their owners like a black spot,” Bahçeli said, adding: “There is no choice but to lower the threshold for representation justice.”

Nationalist Movement Party chairman Devlet Bahçeli issued a written statement regarding the statements aimed at lowering the electoral threshold.

In his written statement, Bahçeli said: “Following the advice and assessment of our president regarding the reduction of the electoral threshold to 7 percent, the Nationalist Movement Party has also expressed its opinion in the same direction and has clarified its political position in a favorable manner. to the People’s Alliance position, stating that there was no need for more research and waiting. “.

The MHP leader said: “Our written press release of September 1, 2021 clearly explained and expressed our attitude and thinking on this issue. Those who have read the intention have once again fallen into the void.

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