LAST MINUTE NEWS: The latest firefighting situation (Statement by Minister Pakdemirli)

last minute “data-mce-href =” “> Latest News Highlights of statements by Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Bekir Pakdemirli;

In Muğla, Köyceğiz and Milas, and in Aydın, the shooting of Bozdoğan continues.

Flames are fought in the maquis of Milas.

In Köyceğiz, the fire continues to be trapped in the valley, but it cannot be said that it is under control.

We dealt with 270 forest fires, 267 under control. Work continues on three forest fires.

We fought with the flames on 476 fronts in 13 days.

We apply cooling from the outside to the inside in the places that are under control. The sprinklers work so that there is not the slightest smoke.

Those who wish to volunteer in the fight against forest fires should apply through e-government.

Damage assessment studies were carried out for 7,735 farmers in 9 provinces, 26 districts and 180 villages.

No one needs to worry, our forests will rise from their ashes.

We will provide free of charge the seeds, plants and saplings needed to reestablish crop production areas.

In Muğla, Turkey’s pine honey center, we will heal wounds and establish new honey forests.

In particular, we will pay for all damages caused by cattle, sheep and beehives as subsidies.

The plane used by the two 40-tonne GMOs has been prepared and will depart if the procedures are completed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country concerned (Greece).

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