LAST MINUTE NEWS: Time change of emergency powers

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The AK party made changes to 2 articles of the sack proposal, which were criticized for the state of emergency.

AKB party group vice-chairman Bülent Turan said they revised the proposal to extend the detention period from 3 years and reduced it to 1 year.

Also with the proposal, from July 31, 2021, the revocation, revocation, reinstatement in ranks and non-use of professional titles have been extended for another 3 years, as part of the fight against terrorist organizations. In this regulation, the extension of the deadline was limited to 1 year and not to 3 years.

The provision relating to the designation of the Guarantee Fund for Savings Deposits as trustee has not, however, been modified in the regulation which provides that it will be implemented for 3 additional years from July 31, 2021.

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