LAST MINUTE NEWS: UN: At least 52,000 displaced in Israeli attacks on Gaza

last minute “data-mce-href =” “> Latest News Israeli planes continue to bomb Gaza despite calls for a ceasefire .

While 212 Palestinians, including 61 children, have lost their lives in the attacks so far, the UN has announced that at least 52,000 people have been displaced as a result of the Israeli attacks on Gaza.

In contrast, explosions erupted in the region on the ninth day of the attacks. Israeli warplanes bombed a security center in the “Al-Ansar” government complex in western Gaza and an apartment containing an office for released Palestinian prisoners.

Israel also targeted a six-story building west of Gaza City in airstrikes.

After the attack, the building was completely destroyed. The planes also reportedly hit homes in different parts of Gaza.

Among the places damaged by the airstrikes is the central laboratory in Gaza.


The Palestinian Ministry of Health announced that after the damage to the laboratory, vaccination and testing services for Covid-19 have been suspended.

In the northern Gaza Strip, the Israeli army struck an agricultural area.

According to Palestinian civil defense sources, the attack sparked a fire in the area. Damage also occurred to the Ministry of Health building in Gaza due to the Israeli attacks.

On the other hand, satellite photographs reflected from the region also reveal the extent of the damage caused by the Israeli attacks.

While the photographs show the destroyed places; reveals the remains of the building where the press organizations are located.

Hamas also fired rockets from Gaza into Israeli settlements. 6 rockets were fired from Lebanon towards northern Israel.

Rocket sirens sounded in the area of ​​Misgav, on the Lebanese border, and the IDF announced that the area where the rockets had been fired had been hit by artillery fire.

Three rockets were fired from Lebanon into northern Israel on May 13, with no casualties or damage reported.


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