LAST MINUTE NEWS: YKS Dam points have been reduced

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President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, YKS‘of announced that the cut-off points were lowered.

According to this; YKS 2021 selection processIt was decided to make an additional placement in addition to the central and additional placement. Starting points for that extra extra placement TYT‘from 150’den 140’y, AYT and YDTReduced from 180 to 170 in.

The Higher Education Council (YKS) carried out a study and submitted it to President Erdogan for approval due to the fact that many applicants were below the YKS threshold.

Authorities have reported that the average pass rate for the university exam has declined due to the interruption of face-to-face teaching due to the epidemic and the inability of students to prepare well for the exam. during the distance learning period.

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