LAST MINUTE: Our national archer Mete Gazoz is in the semi-final

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Our national archer, Mete Gazoz, reached the semi-finals at Tokyo 2020.

The national archer qualified for the quarter-finals by overtaking Australia’s Taylor Worth in the round of 16 of the morning session. Mete Gazoz, 22, faced World No. 1 American Brady Ellison on this tour as well.

Mete, who won the first set 2-0, left 1-1 even though he performed well in the second set. Mete Gazoz, who could not assess his opponent’s 8 in the third set, could not prevent the situation from coming to 3-3.

The national athlete, who did not lose his motivation against his strong opponent, won the 4th and 5th sets with scores of 2-0. Mete, who won the game 7-3, made a name for himself in the semi-finals.

Mete Gazoz will play the semi-finals at 10:00 am CET.

Mete Gazoz, who beat Luxembourg’s Jeff Henckels in the first round match on Thursday July 29 at the Yumenoshima archery field, and Australia’s Ryan Tyack in the second round match, were qualified for the last 16.

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