LAST MINUTE: Selahaddin Gulen’s statement revealed

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The statement by Selahaddin Gülen, nephew of FETO leader Fethullah Gülen, has been released.

Selahaddin Gülen gave 34 pages of testimony.

One by one, he identified the names with which he was associated in the organization.

Saying, “I want to benefit from the effective repentance arrangements,” said Selahhaddin Gülen, “After staying in the United States until 2020, I went to Kenya to get married. Since Fetullah Gülen is my uncle, we can say that I have been in this organization since its birth.


In his statement, Gülen said: “From 2008 family camps started to be organized in Erzurum. Once a year, family members from all provinces of Turkey and the United States were allowed to attend this camp.


During my university studies, I worked as a private imam for a student at Kuleli Military High School. I started to meet this person once a month in Istanbul. I made my calls on pay lines, ”he added.

In 2014, I went to America to visit my uncle Fetullah Gülen. I stayed there for about 1 month. I started working as a teacher at the Aziziye College belonging to the organization in Erzurum. Wearing Selahhaddin Gülen admitted he was using Bylock, he said, “I haven’t used any program other than BYLOCK.


“I left for the USA in November 2015. The reason for my departure was to obtain my Green Card and obtain US citizenship”

“During this period, I would go to my uncle Fetullah Gülen for talks in Bamteli on weekends.”

“After the July 2016 coup attempt, no outside visitors were taken with my uncle to Pennsylvania. During this period, there were only mullahs and a consultation committee. No one could enter until September 2016. In my opinion, Uncle Mustafa Özcan is the person who will become the head of the organization after my uncle’s death. “

“My uncle is the head of the terrorist organization Fetullah.”

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