LAST MINUTE: Start of the third dose of vaccination for people over 50 and health professionals

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Under the chairmanship of Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca, the scientific committee on the coronavirus met today by video conference.

On the agenda of the meeting were the results of the vaccination, the booster dose and the delta mutation in Turkey. After the meeting, Health Minister Fahrettin Koca made a statement live on YouTube.

Highlights from Koca’s statements:

To date, we have reached approximately 50 million doses of vaccine. When the schedules of our citizens who have the first dose of vaccine and our citizens with the second dose of vaccine are combined, we will vaccinate about 1.5 to 2 million times per day.

There are also high levels of vaccination in countries where the delta variant has spread. This situation warns us and invites us to hurry to get vaccinated.


At today’s meeting, our scientific committee assessed the need for the 3rd dose of vaccines.

As a result, we decided that it would be beneficial for our citizens over 50 and our healthcare professionals to receive the 3rd dose of vaccine, regardless of the vaccine. Our citizens aged 50 and over who have been vaccinated for 2 doses, as well as our health professionals, will be able to make an appointment for the 3rd dose vaccine with the vaccine they want from tomorrow. 3. There are no restrictions or priorities on the type of vaccine given. Our citizens and healthcare professionals can receive whatever vaccine they want as a third dose, regardless of the vaccine they received in the first two doses. The choice is yours. You can receive the vaccine of your choice in the 3rd dose with peace of mind.


Another question on the agenda of our scientific committee was to know when our fellow citizens suffering from the disease would be vaccinated. As you know, the right to vaccination was defined 6 months after the illness. To date, this period has been reduced to 3 months. Our fellow citizens who have had the disease will be able to receive the vaccine as a booster dose 3 months after the disease. It was estimated that this would significantly increase the current level of antibody and protection.

In light of the new data obtained, it was deemed appropriate that our fellow citizens who received the first dose of the Biontech vaccine make an appointment for their second dose 4 weeks later.

Recently, the issue of anti-vaccination has been warmly tempted to remain on the agenda. In childhood vaccinations, our country has a vaccination rate of 98%. In such an environment, talking about anti-vaccination encourages only a small group of people.


I would like to address our fellow citizens who are not against vaccination but hesitate to be vaccinated; If you hesitate and hold back, we’ll be missing one, and each of our flaws will delay us in achieving our goal of community immunity. Our vaccinated citizens should share their positive experiences and relieve our hesitant citizens.

Rest assured, we look at all vaccines developed under epidemic conditions with great sensitivity and thoroughness, and bring them to our country and implement them. We have experienced this hesitation and convinced on your behalf, and we have proposed the vaccines that we think will be used in our country.

We are approaching the end of the road. Of course, we could do better. But I want you to know that we have overcome great things together in difficult times. We have persevered together, we have fought together and we are marching to victory together. The final blow to the epidemic is to gain herd immunity with a vaccine. Each of our fellow citizens must be vaccinated without waiting for the others to be vaccinated and take their place in the fight for the goal of community immunity.

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