LAST MINUTE: Sultans of the Net in the semifinals

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Sultans of the Net faced Poland in the quarter-finals of the CEV European Championship.

Turkey started the game well in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Ebrar Karakurt, who scored 5 aces in the set, became a star with 6 points and the Crescent Stars won the opening set 25-18.

Reflecting their strength on the pitch in the second set of the game, Turkey scored 2-0 with a score of 25-14. After winning the final set 25-23, the national team beat their opponents 3-0 and advanced to the semi-finals.

The Crescent Star team managed to win all 7 matches they played in the 2021 European Championship.

Turkey will face the winner of the Serbia-France semi-final match on September 3.

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