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The air and ground response to the 5 current fires in Muğla continues.

In the fire zone, 4 planes, 38 helicopters, numerous water sprinklers, construction equipment, fire trucks, tankers, TOMAs and vehicles belonging to various institutions are used.

More than a thousand foresters work in the region.

Efforts are being made to control the fires.
Efforts are also being made to control forest fires at the Feslegen site in the Ören district of Milas.

In the evacuated neighborhoods, cooling works are carried out in the supported areas. At the first light of day, the intervention with planes began.

As the response to the fires in Kavaklıdere and Menteşe districts continues, teams are working from the air and on the ground to extinguish the blaze that started two days ago in Yatağan Hacıveliler district.
The fire response, which has lasted for about 12 days, continues in Köyceğiz district.

The flames in the canyons and steep slopes at the foot of Sandıraz Mountain have not yet fully extinguished. The fire continues to affect the area known as Devil Creek Canyon. As it is impossible to reach these points by land, the work is carried out by aerial vehicles.


Agriculture and Forestry Minister Bekir Pakdemirli made a statement on the latest situation on his Twitter account. Pakdemirli said: “All forest fires in our country have been brought under control except the fires in Milas and Köyceğiz.” The minister said the ground and air response to the fires is continuing.


Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu made a statement regarding the fires in Antalya.

“The number of neighborhoods affected by the fire has been determined at 59, the number of buildings at 3,231 and the independent section at 6,359. The heavily damaged buildings will be demolished, new residences will be built. damaged buildings. AFAD brought 400 live containers to our region. 207 ‘have been installed, 31 of them will be located in different neighborhoods today.

There is material damage in 1238 households. A total of 34 million 596,000 lire in damages was determined. 45 workplaces in Antalya were damaged by the fire. A significant portion will be paid by the Office of the Governor today. 93 vehicles were damaged including 16 tractors, 4 were delivered, and the others will be delivered.

In 43 neighborhoods dealing with livestock, 11 million lire of damage was detected. We will cover these losses in kind or in cash. 20,000 hectares of farmland have been affected. Orchards such as burnt olives, pomegranates, citrus fruits, laurels and carob trees will be restored.

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