LATEST NEWS: Fire in the hospital where Covid-19 patients are staying in Iraq

last minute “data-mce-href =” “> Breaking news! New type of coronavirus (Covid-19) patients who lost their lives in the fire in hospital in Iraq The number rose to 36.

According to information from the official Iraqi news agency based on Zikar’s health department, the death toll has risen by 16 in the fire that broke out at Imam Hussein hospital, where Covid patients -19 were hospitalized in the southern province of Zikar. .

According to the latest determinations, 36 people died in the blaze.

As firefighting efforts continue, the cause of the blaze is not yet known.

In the previous statement, it was reported that more than 20 people died and 5 people were injured in the fire that broke out at Imam Hussein hospital in Zikar.

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