LATEST NEWS: Konya massacre: 10 of 14 suspects arrested

last minute “data-mce-href =” “> Breaking news! 10 suspects out of 14 detained for the murder of 7 members of the same family in the armed attack in Meram district in Konya was reportedly arrested.

In the written statement made by the Konya Attorney General’s Office, it was recalled that 14 suspects were arrested in Meram district on July 30, who were allegedly linked to the incident in which 7 members of the same family lost their lives.

As part of the investigation, it was pointed out that efforts to catch the fugitive suspect are continuing, and the following was noted:

“At this point, the evidence has not been fully recovered, HTS analysis continues, criminal reports are not fully provided, digital documents of cyber investigation reports continue to be reviewed, camera investigations and witnesses regarding the scene of the suspects on the day of the incident continue, and the main perpetrator is still A.Ç, VK, Y.Ç, ZA, AK, AK, İ.K, İ.A, İ. A and R.Ç., the charge of “intentional homicide” due to their relationship with the fugitive suspect for whom an arrest warrant was issued, he was arrested by the criminal judge, and the remaining suspects M.Ç, İ.Ç, MG and AK were released on condition of travel ban and judicial review.

On the other hand, among those arrested are ZA, the wife of the fugitive suspect MA, his father İ.A, his mother İ.A. and his sister, AK, were also found.

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