LATEST NEWS: MSB: At the start of the year, 865 terrorists were neutralized

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The Ministry of National Defense announced the figures for the ongoing counterterrorism efforts.

Thus, 22 domestic and cross-border transactions were carried out in one month. Since July 24, 2015, 18,455 terrorists have been neutralized, and since the start of this year 1,865 terrorists have been neutralized.

244 terrorists have been neutralized to date in Operations Claw-Simsek and Claw-Lightning in the Metina and Avasin-Basyan regions of northern Iraq.


The ministry’s press release stated:

“Thanks to the measures, during the last month 13 thousand 769 people trying to cross all our borders illegally were arrested, 25 thousand 186 people were prevented from crossing the border.

(Greece) At the start of this year, 206 violations of airspace, 27 violations of territorial waters, 95 aircraft harassments, 790 violations of ships in islands without military status.

Efforts to show the Turkish military presence as an invader on the island do not mask the Greek massacres in the history of Cyprus and will not benefit the Greeks and Greeks or their supporters.

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