LATEST NEWS: reaction of Gergerlioğlu de Bahçeli to the Constitutional Court

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The decision of the Constitutional Court against Ömer Faruk Gergerlioğlu of the HDP received a harsh reaction from the president of the MHP, Devlet Bahçeli.

Bahceli said the law and the law were ignored with Gergerlioğlu’s return to the parliamentary position and said: “Those who caused it should be ashamed of themselves. This story will certainly be asked of his interlocutors one day. The right is not lost or wasted, even if it is delayed, the delivery of the right will eventually find its way and its place. My advice to the President of the Constitutional Court is to keep my words in mind, ” he said.

Bahçeli, arguing that the decision of the High Court “supports terrorism”, declared: “The decision of violation of the rights is not the respect and the respect of the rights of the nation, but a secret support to terrorism”.

Gergerioğlu, who was prosecuted for “terrorist propaganda” because of news he shared on his social media account, was sentenced to 2 years and 6 months in prison and his parliamentary mandate was canceled. However, after the “unanimous” decision of the Constitutional Court of “violation of rights”, Gergerlioğlu returned to his post as deputy.

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