May 15, 2021 Table of the corona virus: 236 victims, 11 thousand 472 new cases

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In Turkey, 204 thousand 637 Covid-19 tests have been carried out in the last 24 hours, 11 thousand 472 people have tested positive, 236 people have died.

Turkey’s daily coronavirus chart was shared from “”.

As a result, 204,000,637 Covid-19 tests have been performed in the past 24 hours in Turkey. 11 thousand 472 people tested positive, 236 people died.

The number of serious patients was 2 thousand 563, the number of people recovering from the end of the Covid-19 treatment / quarantine of 38 thousand 814 people rose to 4 million 932 thousand 838.

The number of tests reached 50 million 667 thousand 653, the number of cases was 5 million 106 thousand 862, the number of deaths was 44 thousand 537.

According to weekly data, this week, the rate of pneumonia in patients is 4 percent, the bed occupancy rate is 43.7 percent, the adult intensive care occupancy rate is 65 percent. percent, the fan occupancy rate is 32.4 percent, the average contact detection time is 8 hours, the radiation rate is 99.9 percent.

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