Mehmet Aydın, nicknamed ‘Tosuncuk’, visits Brazil

Mehmet Aydın (30), nicknamed “Tosuncuk”, visited the Turkish Consulate General in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Aydın fled abroad with an amount of 1 billion 139 million 972,000 TL which he defrauded 132,000 222 people with the Çiftlik bank, of which he was the founder, and a red notice was issued to his subject.


Mehmet Aydın, in the video he sent to the Sözcü newspaper last night through his lawyers, said: “I will surrender to Turkish justice as soon as possible of my own accord.”

Mehmet Aydın made the following statement:

“I am Mehmet Aydin. As is known, I am the founder and inventor of Çiftlik Bank. When I started this project, my goal was to allow people using our gaming platform to play both games and games, to benefit from the money our company allocates for the advertising budget and to generate additional income.

I have never had any thoughts or attempts to hurt or defraud anyone. The gaming platform that we have established has been loved and adopted by you. We have invested in concessions, meat, milk, honey and egg production facilities in 81 provinces of Turkey with the energy we receive from you.



However, in the last period, I was also a victim, like you, because I realized too late that the business had grown too much, that the evil people around it were making unfair profits and trying to make it. do, because of the size of the company.

During my stay abroad, I did my best to make up for the grievances, but could not get any results due to the investigation, prosecution and arrest decisions opened against me.

I will surrender to Turkish justice of my own free will to prove my innocence and victimization. At this point, I have no doubt that we will find the truth in his decision before the Turkish courts.

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