Mehmet Aydın’s older brother detained in Uruguay

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Fatih Aydın, the older brother of Mehmet Aydın, the founder of Çiftlik Bank, nicknamed ‘Tosuncuk’, was arrested during an operation at his address in Uruguay.

According to the information received, Mehmet Aydın’s older brother, Fatih Aydın, was arrested by the Uruguayan federal police, by the anti-smuggling and organized crime department, at a specific address in the Canelones region, 80 kilometers away. from the capital of Uruguay, Montevideo. .

After the capture of Fatih Aydın, the Interpol department launches the extradition process, while a team will leave Turkey for Uruguay to recover Aydn.

Fatih Aydın, charges of “violation of banking law”, “establishment of an organization to commit a crime”, “laundering of assets resulting from a crime”, “fraud by using information systems as a tool of banks or credit institutions ”and“ fraud by managers of traders or businesses and managers of cooperatives ”was requested by

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