MGK: Israel’s inhumane actions strongly condemned

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The National Security Council (MHK) met today under the chairmanship of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. The meeting lasted 5 hours.

After the meeting, a written press release was issued. “The illegal occupation of Israel and the inhumane actions targeting Palestine are strongly condemned.

It was clarified that cross-border operations within the framework of the fight against terrorism will continue without interruption. It was stated that illegal actions and aggressive rhetoric should be avoided in the Aegean-Mediterranean region.

In the declaration, statements “Turkey will maintain its right of self-defense” were included.

The statements contained in the MGK statement are as follows:

Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestinian land and its inhumane actions which deliberately target the civilian population are strongly condemned.

The operations to neutralize terrorist organizations along our southern borders and to secure our borders will continue without interruption.

In order not to repeat the war crimes of the Israeli attacks and to find a just, permanent and comprehensive solution to the Palestinian question, the international community has been called upon to assume its responsibility without delay and with sincerity.

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