Minister Akar’s Kabul Airport Statement

Minister of National Defense Hulusi Akar visited the State Cemetery on the occasion of August 30, Victory Day and Turkish Armed Forces Day.

Asked a journalist about the operation of the Kabul Hamid Karzai International Airport after the visit, Akar highlighted the historical ties between Turkey and Afghanistan.

Stating that there are centuries-old shared historical and cultural values ​​between the two countries, Akar said:

“We are talking about a country where Afghans want Afghans to live in security, peace and prosperity with the duties of the Turkish Republic, especially the Turkish armed forces, for 20 years. We want the people of this country to be safe and prosperous, and we strive for that. At the moment, we are closely monitoring the situation there and the latest developments. If appropriate conditions and situations arise for us, we as the Republic of Turkey will take these requests into consideration and determine our necessary attitude and course of action, following the instructions of our President, after adopting our decision. decision and our decision. manufacturing process. We have a historical interest, a historical context and common values ​​with Afghanistan. We are closely monitoring and evaluating developments. If the situation and the conditions are right, if such a request arises, we are ready to assess it. “

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