Minister Koca explained: requests for hospitalization have been halved

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Health Minister Fahrettin Koca visited the governorship of Edirne on the 4th day of the shutdown. Minister Koca walked past the cameras after the visit.

Highlights of Koca’s speech:

“We started to see the effect of our nation’s sacrifice in the number of cases and hospitalizations. We know that the situation will soon result in serious illness and death.


By establishing a relationship between the decrease in the number of cases and the number of tests, we see unfounded and ill-intentioned assessments that the number of cases has decreased by decreasing the number of tests. The number of people who have applied to the hospital in the past two weeks in Turkey has halved.

At the end of the process, we want to experience the holidays as a feast. Measurements work.

Edirne is one of the provinces which has successfully carried out the vaccination program. I invite our citizens to get vaccinated.

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