Minister Koca: Monday’s vaccination order is over 40 years old

last minute “data-mce-href =” “> Breaking news! The coronavirus scientific committee met by videoconference. Health Minister Koca said a statement at the end of the meeting.

Minister Koca said: “We have been leading a struggle that encompasses all aspects of life for a long time. Now our agenda is how to get immunity with the vaccination program and get back to our old norms as soon as possible. These The hard days are now behind us. We will continue our work where we left off. We will kiss the hands of our elders to the fullest. “The days when we will embrace our loved ones and shake hands without hesitation are near. the day before the days when we can walk hand in hand in the parks, take vacations like vacations and define our agenda, not the epidemic, ”he said.


Minister Koca, drawing attention to 3 important issues in order to return to the good old days with confidence, said:

“The first of these is that our fellow citizens, whose turn comes to be vaccinated without delay. This is the first condition for us to obtain social immunity as quickly as possible. Whether it is your turn due to age or occupational group, please get vaccinated without delay. From tomorrow, our citizens over 45 will also be vaccinated. On Monday, all of our citizens over 40 will also be included in the vaccination program. Second, let’s continue to follow our personal measures without compromise until we achieve social immunity with the vaccination. Our citizens who are vaccinated must also abide by the measures until social immunity is obtained. Let us not forget that there are certain precautions for the vaccine to protect us. That takes time. The third is to ensure the sustainability of the fight against the epidemic. For this, our own vaccines must be used instead of the vaccines we have supplied from outside. As you know, many of our vaccine development projects are continuing and we are in the final stages of one of them. . We will vaccinate our volunteers for phase 3 human studies, the final phase of our current vaccine. The Turkish vaccine has reached the final stage. Together, we will experience this important development which will put an end to the continuity of epidemic control and foreign dependence on vaccines. “


Expressing that scientific studies are continuing on the need to obtain a 3rd dose of vaccination after 2 doses, Koca continued as follows:

“Scientific studies continue on the subject that vaccines confer immunity for a period of time and that people who have received two doses of the vaccine should receive a third dose of the vaccine. A clinical study on this subject is also planned by our ministry, which vaccines can be crossed and the use of our domestic vaccine as a third dose. We will finalize our roadmap by sharing the data with you. We will determine which vaccines are used in our country and the methods by which our domestic vaccine can. I hope you will see the Minister of Health less and hear his voice less. From now on, the most important news I will give you will be the success of our national vaccine and the declaration that the epidemic is over. I see and look forward to this day. We will get rid of the news of the epidemic very soon. Bright, healthy and happy days are near. Greater Turkey is a strong state. Trust this power. “

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