Minister Koca: We can start mass production of national vaccines in October

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Health Minister Fahrettin Koca said he would make a statement today at 18, claiming “a day of icons”. Minister Koca, who held a press conference, made statements.

Stating that the vaccination rate has reached 100 million doses, Koca announced that the point where emergency use approval has been reached for the household vaccine has also been reached. Speaking about the new variants, Minister Koca said: “Currently there are over 90 percent Delta variants in the community. Two people have the Mu variant. Both cases are in Istanbul.”

Highlights of Koca’s speech:

The vaccine dose reached 100 million. At 12:54 p.m., we reached 100 million total vaccine dose. Congratulations to 84 million of the 100 million doses of vaccine. For 100 million doses, millions of people have decided and taken action. I congratulate everyone who contributed 100 million doses. The point we are at shows that a very high vaccination rate is possible.

At the moment, we are well above 100 million doses. Our rate for the first dose of vaccine for people aged 18 and over is 82 percent and that for the second dose is 63 percent.

Almost 90 percent of currently active cases are people who have not been vaccinated or who have not been vaccinated. Giving the full dose of the vaccine without wasting time saves lives. The ratio of our fellow citizens vaccinated for three doses in the number of cases is less than 2%.


Right now, every question has an answer except those that are not science-based. We have not yet reached a sufficient level in the full dose vaccination rate. Like the majority of the population, we do not yet have the protective power at the full dose of the vaccine. On the other hand, there is another factor that makes it difficult to fight the virus all over the world and that is the new variants of the virus.

The full success of the vaccination campaign, which began on January 13 and now reaches 100 million, requires a great unity of power. Not only should we have vaccines, but we should remember the vaccine.

Our domestic vaccine, TURKOVAC, is able to apply for emergency use approval. If it gets the approval, we can start mass production in October.


Responding to journalists’ questions after his speech, Minister Koca said: “Currently, there are over 90 percent of the population with the Delta variant. Two people have the Mu variant. Both cases are in Istanbul. We know there is a general opinion that the Mu variant is more severe. In our 2 cases, such a situation is not in question for the moment ”, he declared.

Minister Koca said the vaccination rate for the 12-year-old group has not yet exceeded 3 percent. Koca said, “We care about vaccinating people over 12 with chronic illnesses.

Speaking of the growing number of cases, Koca said: “If the vaccination had not been carried out at this level, our number of cases would have increased by at least 4 to 5 times, and our hospital burden would have increased by that amount. “

Minister Koca said the number of teachers who received two doses of the vaccine reached 77 percent and the number of teachers who received at least one dose of the vaccine exceeded 90 percent.

Commenting on the case rates in schools after the start of face-to-face teaching, Koca said: “At the moment, no number can be considered serious.”

However, Koca announced that some samples from schools will be examined and that random tests will be carried out from Monday to detect the prevalence of Covid-19.

Regarding the home vaccine studies, Koca said, “We are conducting a third dose study for TURKOVAC, which is an inactive vaccine, with the vaccine inactivated. Therefore, we will be able to assess the emergency use approval based on the results. of this third dose study.

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