Minister Mari: It will be done in schools with parental approval, only by taking a throat sample.

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The coronavirus scientific committee met under the chairmanship of the Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca.

The agenda for the meeting, which was held via videoconference, included PCR scanning in schools and the growing number of cases. After the meeting, Minister Koca made statements.

Highlights from Koca’s statements:

We spent the first week of face-to-face teaching in our schools, adapting to the new school conditions. Our preparations for the actions we took and the algorithms for handling possible adverse events were effective in managing the compliance week without encountering major issues. We have repeatedly stated that keeping our schools open for face-to-face teaching is our top priority, and we will continue to do so.

In order to guarantee this, I would like to share with you some concrete information about the pilot scans that we have planned. No action will be taken without the permission of our parents in the tests that will be carried out for screening purposes for our students in our schools.

If our parents allow the sample to be taken from the student for testing in the consent form, only the throat sample will be taken and the screening process will be carried out. No action can be taken on our body, which is the most sacred trust, without the consent of the person or his guardian. Even though the subject is epidemic, it is.


Our immunization program is continuing according to plan and with success. In the first dose of vaccination, we achieved a significant gain with vaccination at a high rate and in a short time. Now is the time to finish our vaccinations and have a second dose of the vaccine. We are updating our table showing the 1st dose vaccination rates of our provinces on the map of Turkey that we share with you daily, and we are starting to share the same map with the two dose vaccination rates.

From Monday, we will share the card showing the rates of 2 doses of vaccination.

In recent days, we have seen that the high number of our losses is related to the effectiveness of the vaccine. The rate of unvaccinated among our cases and losses is very high. It is an indication of the disaster that awaits us without vaccines. Because the means of reaching people are restricted, the virus infects the people it can reach. Unfortunately, it is not possible to prevent this without obtaining collective immunity.

Our current cases and losses could have been much higher without the vaccine. It can be seen clearly. The epidemic will eventually provide social immunity. I have to get vaccinated for this. Let us not forget that those who have been vaccinated are protected until the end of the vaccination, that is to say 14 days after the second dose. We must respect the measures until social immunity is achieved.

It is extremely critical to maintain the rules of mask and distancing when combining them with cleaning. We came out of an environment of anxiety and confusion. It’s up to us to make it permanent. Together, we will respect the measures and obtain social immunity in the form of a vaccine.

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