Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca: Masked will be last summer

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After the meeting of the scientific committee of the Ministry of Health on the coronavirus, the Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca made a statement.

Highlights of Koca’s speech:


We must not forget that the virus is still circulating among us. Let us not forget that we are trying little by little to return to a normal life so as not to pay higher prices. From now on, individual measurements will be much more important. We will start to normalize by taking our own measurements. This will be the last summer that masks make our faces sweat.


Please make sure our citizens, who are online for vaccination, get vaccinated. The final tests of our vaccine candidate, for which phase 3 studies, which are the last phase of vaccine studies, will begin, are underway. As soon as it passes the tests, its clinical use will begin as soon as possible.

Comparisons were made for vaccines that were recently used in our country. You can be sure that these comparisons are not made in concrete, scientific media. It didn’t take long enough to compare the superiority of vaccines over each other.

All the vaccines against the corona virus are still very recent. What is important here is the introduction of vaccines that have passed safety and efficacy tests and clinical trials.

Based on these criteria, our ministry and our scientific committee continue to work to make the most effective vaccines available to our fellow citizens. We are convinced that the vaccines used in our country are effective and safe. I urge you to keep in mind that this is not possible in the near future, as these should not be compared to each other. When it is your turn to get vaccinated with the vaccine you can safely get.


We cannot say that the epidemic has stopped until we have vaccinated 60% of our society with our vaccination program. I repeat once again. The road to the old normal is through vaccination. Let him take his place in the fight as his next vaccine. Together we will succeed at 84 million.

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