Minister of Health Mari: It is not possible for us to give up face-to-face teaching

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The coronavirus scientific committee met under the chairmanship of the Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca by video conference. On the meeting’s agenda were the growing cases of Covid-19.

Making a statement after the meeting, Minister Koca said vaccination rates are still not sufficient for social immunity and reiterated the call for vaccination to citizens.

“It is not possible for us to abandon face-to-face education,” Koca said, adding, “We will continue face-to-face education regardless of the conditions.”

Highlights of Koca’s speeches:

The time the epidemic ends is when we determine that the vaccines are working. We have to deal with the epidemic in two ways, before the vaccine and after the vaccine. We had to take actions that we would never have preferred before the vaccination. From the start, our Scientific Council has recommended that we close our schools last and open them as soon as possible. We evaluated all the situations where it was possible. Distance education has really caused a bit of a shift away from teaching. But those days are over.


I would like to make it clear and loud that all of our schools will open on time. It is not possible to abandon face-to-face teaching. Whatever the conditions, we will continue the face-to-face training.

Vaccination should become an indispensable rule so that our education and working life are not interrupted, and unvaccinated people should regularly show their PCR test results.

In this regard, our scientific committee has determined the applicable rules to follow in education. He has completed his preparations for the action to be taken. We will share these studies with you as soon as possible in consultation with the Ministry of National Education and the Council for Higher Education. In order to prepare the physical conditions, our institutions and relevant ministries will work in full coordination and we will wait for our students in schools.

Meanwhile, we have a very important job. And this is to implement the measures that will not leave teachers and lecturers unvaccinated. The first step in protecting our students and teachers is to vaccinate the teachers, professors and families with whom our students live.

Our vaccination program has until now been a matter of encouragement and preference, however, it is now a social duty which cannot be left to the choice of each of our fellow citizens in order to continue their studies and their professional life. Vaccination must become an indispensable rule so that education and professional life are not interrupted, and unvaccinated people must regularly show negative results in PCR tests. In particular, the parents of the pupils will finish their vaccinations or will have to have them checked regularly that they are not carriers of diseases. We will announce the details of this following joint studies with our relevant institutions.

I would like to reiterate that face to face education is a must. Because now there is a vaccine. Vaccination is no longer an incentive and a choice for professional and school life, but a social duty.

As you know, we have a very successful vaccination program. However, we are still not at the level we want. We have not achieved collective immunity. Immunity cannot be achieved without at least two doses of the vaccine. Anyone who has not been vaccinated for at least two doses should not assume that they have been vaccinated. We have completed a very important scientific study on this subject. We also tried to get it published in a leading scientific journal today. We will share the results with you, our valued citizens and the global community.


In this study, we looked at over 30 million of our citizens who have been vaccinated. I would like to share with you some of the most important results of our work. The highest level of protection among our fellow citizens with inactivated vaccines is among our fellow citizens with 3 doses of inactivated vaccine. The level of protection closest to this is in our citizens who have two doses of inactivated vaccine and a 3rd dose of mRNA vaccine.

In the advertised groups, it became clear that the 3rd dose of vaccine was extremely important and beneficial. These data will be learned by the global public for the first time and possibly change countries’ vaccine policies. If you are in the recommended group for the 3rd dose, you should definitely get your 3rd dose. Do not consider yourself vaccinated if you have not been vaccinated for two doses.


Our domestic inactivated vaccine continues to work. In particular, we have started to achieve good results with the application of our Turkovac vaccine as the 3rd dose. I invite you to volunteer for the Phase 3 study of the Turkovac vaccine and the clinical study of the 3rd dose application. Our own vaccine is our own weapon, we must not forget that.

We need to achieve our goal of community immunity before our schools open. For this, it is necessary to be vaccinated without wasting time. We cannot have a day to lose, not even a student that we can ignore. The pursuit of education is the guarantee of our future and our top priority. I would like it to be known that we will not hesitate to take steps to turn the wheels on and prepare students for the future.

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