Minister of Health Mari: Masked will be last summer

Regarding the Covid-19 epidemic, Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca said: “We will learn to participate in a normalized life by taking our own precautions. This will be the last summer that masks make our faces sweat. mentionned.

Koca made a statement after the coronavirus scientific committee meeting, which was held via video conference.

Expressing that the period of gradual normalization and the vaccination schedule were discussed at today’s meeting of the coronavirus scientific committee, Koca said that, given the development of the epidemic, it is a fact that periods of restricted social mobility have resulted in a dramatic decrease in the number of cases.

Pointing out that they have witnessed the decrease in the number of cases by paying high prices with each period of closure, Koca said, “On the other hand, we experience each period of opening when we lose control, leaving deep traces with the exponential increase in the number of cases, number of patients and losses. We are paying a heavy price economically and sociologically. made his assessment.

Emphasizing that downtimes play a very important role in managing the acute problems of the epidemic, Koca continued as follows:

“However, the long-term social and psychological effects should not be ignored.

We must not waste the results of the sacrifices we have made in times of restraint, rushing and trying to get back to our old norms. Although we have provided an important break in the course of the epidemic, we must not forget that the virus is still circulating among us.

Let us not forget that the period of gradual normalization does not return to the old normalcy overnight, but we will try to return to normal life step by step so as not to pay higher prices. Let us not forget that from now on, individual measures will be much more important. We will learn to participate in normal life by taking our own measurements. This will be the last summer that masks will make our faces sweat. “


Expressing that the social burden of the epidemic is as tiring as the burden of disease, Koca said: “If the vaccination program can be carried out successfully and as planned, it has become evident that we will be talking about better days, not of the epidemic at the end of the summer, and that we will remove the epidemic from the national agenda and our individual agendas. I only have one new request: please make sure that our fellow citizens, who are in line for the vaccination, get vaccinated. he said.

Stressing that national vaccine studies are proceeding at full speed, Minister Koca said:

“Our vaccine candidate, which will begin human phase 3 trials, which is the last phase of vaccine studies, and developed with support from TÜSEB, has been produced as a study product and its final testing is underway. As soon as it passes the tests, its clinical use will begin as soon as possible.

Comparisons were made for vaccines that were recently used in our country. You can be sure that these comparisons are not made in concrete, scientific media. It did not take enough time to assess the strengths or weaknesses of the vaccines. Technically, years of follow-up are needed to compare one vaccine with another. However, all coronavirus vaccines are still very new. What is important here is the introduction of vaccines that have passed safety and efficacy tests and clinical trials. “


Emphasizing that the ministry and the scientific committee are striving to make the safest and most effective vaccines available to citizens on the basis of these criteria, Koca said:

“We are sure that the vaccines used in our country are effective and safe. I would like you to keep in mind that they are not to be compared with each other and that they are not possible in the near future. For this reason, when it is your turn, you should be vaccinated with the vaccine with which you may be vaccinated.

We cannot talk about stopping the epidemic without immunizing at least 60 percent of our society with our vaccination program. For this reason, we are responsible for protecting ourselves and our loved ones. I repeat once again, the path to the old normal is through vaccination. Let him take his place in the fight as his next vaccine. Together we will succeed at 84 million. Trust that power. “

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