Minister of Health: We will have new demands for our provinces

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The scientific committee for the coronavirus of the Ministry of Health met today under the chairmanship of Minister Fahrettin Koca. Vaccination was on the meeting’s agenda.

After the meeting, Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca made a statement.

Highlights from Koca’s statements:

Some of our provinces are approaching the exact point we want in compliance with the immunization program. Some provinces follow. It should turn into a sweet rivalry. Everyone should be vaccinated as soon as possible.

We will have new applications for provinces where we have not achieved the desired acceleration of vaccination. We are implementing a comprehensive program across the country. We are going to make this program more dynamic.


News of new variants and mutations will keep coming. Don’t let this issue take its place on your agenda and lead you to despair.

Today, the agenda is no longer an epidemic. This is the highest vaccination rate. Last week, I mentioned that the duration of vaccination for our fellow citizens who have had the disease is three months. Citizens who have had the disease and who have been dead for more than three months can be vaccinated. It has been assessed by our scientific committee that the booster vaccine will be sufficient for people who have already had the disease.


Our citizens and healthcare professionals over 50 who have been inactivated with the third dose vaccine can receive the third dose vaccine with whatever vaccine they want.

Another problem that arises is the vaccination certificate. Our ministry negotiates with all countries and signs mutual certificate agreement. Our vaccination certificates are mutually recognized in the countries where the agreement is signed. These are recognized regardless of the type of vaccine. Likewise, our fellow citizens who have had the disease and have received a single dose of vaccine can create their vaccination certificates from the e-Pulse and Hayat Eve Sığar applications.

While vaccines are kept in written records in many developed countries, vaccines are registered on all digital platforms at the time of demand in our country. We expect the countries with which we have agreements to ensure this integration. I want you to know that we are one of the leading countries in this regard.

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