Minister of National Defense Hulusi Akar: Israel commits a war crime

Minister of National Defense Hulusi Akar A meeting by videoconference was held with the participation of the Turkish Armed Forces Command and Deputy Ministers Yunus Emre Karaosmanoğlu and Alpaslan Kavaklıoğlu.

During the meeting, the commanders of the Turkish armed forces in Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Somalia, Libya, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, the head of the Turkish military delegation at NATO headquarters, the commander of the forces Turkish Cypriot peacekeepers in the TRNC, as well as the commanders of the army, combat air force The commander of the navy gave information on the ongoing activities and the latest situation on the ground.

Akar gave instructions at the meeting, where counterterrorism operations in the context of defense and security issues, developments in the Eastern Mediterranean and measures taken in the fight against the coronavirus were discussed, and a said the Turkish armed forces were going through a busy time.

Stating that the Mehmetçi has fulfilled the duties assigned to him so far with great sacrifice and heroism, Akar said: “Our land, sea and air forces are making history. I congratulate you all on that. I hope to carry out activities in dialogue and coordination with the same seriousness and the same sincerity. “We will accomplish the tasks entrusted to us by means of,” he said.


Declaring that operations Claw-Şimşek and Claw-Yıldırım, which were launched simultaneously in the Metina and Avaşin-Basyan regions in northern Iraq, continued successfully as planned despite the difficult conditions on the ground, Akar said, “113 terrorists have been neutralized in the studies so far.” The cave and the shelter have been destroyed, “he said.


Stressing that the fight against terrorism will continue until the last terrorist is neutralized, Akar said: “I am explaining because it is an important indicator to clearly understand how intense and effective our activities are, 1070 terrorists have been neutralized since January 1, “he said.


National Defense Minister Akar also did border security assessments and shared the numbers. Hulusi Akar said the following:

“Our border eagles continue to perform their duties heroically with the understanding of” The border is honor. ” The figures clearly show that with the great success of our friends at the border, a total of 58,000,690 people were captured on January 1. . In addition, 131,000,284 people crossed our borders as part of the measures taken. At the same time, a total of 122 terrorists, including 55 PKK / YPG / PYD and 43 FETÖ, were seized, so everyone should see and understand the struggle here. A total of 365 kilograms of drugs and a large number of weapons and ammunition were also seized. “

Minister of National Defense Hulusi Akar said that besides the sacrifice of personnel, physical security measures have an important role in the success of border security: “With the demands presented here, the control of our borders has has been ensured to a large extent by means of walls, metal fences, roads and electronic systems. Everyone should see this. Everyone should know that the control will increase even more and that any harmful entry and exit will never be allowed in our country and our nation. “


Referring to the Israeli attacks on Gaza, Minister Akar said:

“We condemn with hatred these attacks on holy places, civilian targets, innocent people, killings of children and women. It is not possible to accept them. They are humanity, war crimes. international institutions and organizations, in particular the UN, EU, NATO If there are any, the International Criminal Court must take action on this issue. No one should remain silent on this issue. Here, no only our Palestinian brethren, but humanity is being murdered. Everyone should see it. The world should see their silence in the face of such a massacre. We strongly condemn this hypocrisy. “

Akar stressed that everyone, the people of Israel and its citizens should see how Israeli administrators follow expansionist policies and what inhumane practices they turn to, and extend their wishes for mercy to the martyrs and healing to the wounded.

Minister of National Defense Hulusi Akar said: “The Turkish Armed Forces, with their national, spiritual and professional values ​​which derive from our glorious history of thousands of years, in the light of reason and science , within the framework of the constitution, in accordance with the laws and directives of our President, under the orders and command of the order of superiors and commanders, at the disposal of the nation, He is at the beginning of his duty. No one should doubt it, ”he finished.

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